**Attention** all users: This reflector modules A and D are part of a multi-protocol network that links Dstar/DMR/Fusion modes together. As such all users MUST be registered on the Dstar network as well as have a DMR ID.

Help support Reflector 20. The implementation of this system and its monthly upkeep is very costly. Any monetary help that you can and wish to give will be much appreciated. A PayPal donation button is provided below if you wish to do so. Thank you very much..

Thank you for your donation: N2FWR, K2MCI, K1SRE, KC3YYF, KC3BFO, WA3PNY, N2KTO, KC3BFO, N2XJS, W2KFV, N2MOF, W2RJR, KD2RCQ, K2DLS & KC2PVM